We provide financial technology consulting services, financial services software engineering together with the key technology acceleration solutions to gear up consumer oriented services in different industry sectors.

Our experts harness innovation and deliver an end-to-end experience that includes strategy, architecture, customer experience, service management all within a new fintech ecosystem.



Correct and timely data guides decision making. We help the customer convert their daily transactions into meaningful data visualizations!



Correct and timely data guides decision making. We help the customer convert their daily transactions into meaningful data visualizations!



Do you need a powerful, industrial strength tool to handle the really hard problems inherent in parallel concurrent environments. Then you DEFINITELY need Erlang / Elixir on which to build or develop your software / system.


When to use Erlang / Elixir in your projects


Need to grow or scale

If you have a service that you expect to be used by millions, then you will benefit from the reliability and scalability of the BEAM VM.

Handling a Millions of concurrent requests

Even if you do not have millions of users, if all of your users make intense use of the system and generate a high volume of requests, you will need a system built for concurrency.

Need for Easy Development and Maintainability

One of the priorities of Erlang and Elixir is keeping the code simple. As a result, one of the advantages most companies will see is ease of usage and fast development for everything from fixing bugs to adding new features.

Today, leading companies in a variety of industries are already taking up the benefits of Erlang /Elixir. They are doing it to reduce the cost of their physical hardware, improve the reliability of their site when dealing with high volumes of concurrent users, to scale up data while reducing the time to access it, to allow for fault-tolerant third-party integration, even when dealing with high volumes of traffic and to create reliable micro-services, even when dealing with extremely high numbers of request.

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We help our clients to harness their data and use it to identify new opportunities. That, in turn, leads to smarter business moves, more efficient operations, higher profits and happier customers.


Cost reduction.

Big data technologies bring significant cost advantages when it comes to storing large amounts of data, plus they can identify more efficient ways of doing business.

Faster, better decision making.

With in-memory analytics, combined with the ability to analyze new sources of data, businesses are able to analyze information immediately and make decisions based on what they have learned.

New products and services.

With the ability to gauge customer needs and satisfaction through analytics comes the power to give customers what they want.  With big data analytics, more companies are creating new products to meet customers’ needs.

Why Use big Analytics

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We provide our clients with AI solutions, such as design, development, and testing of prototype software suites.


We leverage the latest software development standards and breakthrough technology and be an ideal technology partner to your business. Understanding your requirements and those of your customers is the Zeenode's way of operating. We develop tailor-made and industry specific solutions that enable your business to benefit from the latest technology.


Business Intelligence

Our AI engineers create and perform strategies to execute optimization, customer analysis, forecasting and performance analysis.

We use machine learning to build AI solutions that can gather unstructured data and convert it into actionable insights to drive business growth.

ChatBot Development

We engineer chatbot solutions that act like a human being. Our team develops chatbots that facilitate personalized interaction to increase loyalty and customer retention. 



Acquire new capabilities with our custom blockchain services


Our proficiency in blockchain development landscape enhances the capabilities of enterprise business applications, fintech solutions and blockchain based business networks. We use a variety of tools, technologies, and protocols to develop secure and reliable blockchain application.

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If the answer to 4 out of the 6 questions is “Yes”, then you may need a blockchain solution for your business. 

Questions that will help you determine if integrating blockchain into the existing solution is a good idea.....

  1. Is the speed of the transaction important for you?

  2. Do you want to store data?

  3. Do you require a trustless environment?

  4. Is the data dynamic with an auditable history?

  5. Do you need a little change or no change in rules on the system?

  6. Should a central authority control your data?

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Set Up and Installation of Aviation Surveillence and Communications Systems

Correct and timely data guides decision making. We help the customer convert their daily transactions into meaningful data visualizations!


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